Send in a picture of PSC hosing down historical figures and famous scenes!

ANIMATED GIFS HAVE TO BE LESS THAN 500kb! They won’t even show up on my submission page as animated if over 500kb.

IMAGES DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY POST TO THE BLOG. Everything has to be approved, by me, your humble curator, so if your picture is dumb or has text on it like a lolcat or is a dead body or something its not going up. Sorry!

Over 50% of submissions are pictures that are already up on this very blog, so look before you make a picture and save yourself the work! Seriously, “The Scream” is already here, Kennedy is already here, The Last Supper is already here. Doesn’t matter if its a different scene from the same movie, or a different picture of Jesus, or a different angle on the god damn burning monk. Also, not putting up the naked Vietnam girl in the street or the guy getting shot in the head, so stop sending those too.

And don’t worry about writing the shitty captions. Leave that to the shitty caption writer on staff here at